The Sphinx


He raised many conflicting theories about him, some scholars reject the common history of him, and others claim that his age dates back to 10 thousand years BC, and that his face was re-carved in the dynastic era.


-The Sphinx

The statue of the "Sphinx" crouching in front of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt still raises questions and confusion and does not cease to provoke scientists to search behind it and clarify its secrets, in light of the emergence of many theories that say that the approved information about the age of the Sphinx and who built it is inaccurate.


-What is a Sphinx

Here are some sphinx information and sphinx Egypt facts,

  • The “Sphinx” represents the shape of a creature with the body of an animal ( a lion ) and the head of an Egyptian king sitting on the Giza plateau, looking east in the direction of Sinai.
  • The statue had a 1-meter-long nose, but it was destroyed, there are rumors that the nose was destroyed by the artillery of Napoleon's soldiers, and other rumors accuse the British or the Mamluks of destroying it.
  • There are catacombs located in and around the body of the “Sphinx.” One of the most important of these catacombs is located approximately in the middle of the statue’s back, on the opening of the upper basement. It is a “metal door” that can be opened and locked, and it is not known precisely where this basement leads.
  • There is also a crypt at the front of the statue between the painting of Thutmose called the “Dream Panel,” and its chest, The capacity of its opening is about 5 square feet, and it is covered with an “iron cover,” 6 feet deep.
  • There was a royal chin and a live "cobra" on top of the head of the "Sphinx", and it was lost, and part of the chin is currently preserved in the Egyptian Museum, and another part is in the British Museum.


-Egyptian King Khafre (2558-2532 BC)

What is rumored about the Sphinx is that it was built in the dynastic era, specifically during the reign of the Egyptian King Khafre, the builder of the second pyramid in Giza, who ruled until 2532 BC.


-The largest single stone statue in the world

It was carved from a single giant limestone boulder, and it is believed that it was covered with a layer of colored plaster when it was built, with a height of about 20 meters from the ground to the top of the head, which makes it the largest statue in the world made of a single stone.

Due to the age of the statue, it has been covered through the ages with sand that used to hide most of its body in many cases, which necessitated the removal of that sand from him several times, the most famous of which is recorded on the “dream plate” placed between his front feet, which reveals that King Thutmose IV removed the sand from him After ascending the throne of Egypt in 1401 BC.


-4500 years old sphinx

Accordingly, the age of the statue, according to the majority of Egyptologists, is no more than 4,500 years, but there is another opinion of a limited number of archaeologists and geologists, who sees that the age of the Sphinx may be much older, and they also refuse to say that Khafre is the builder the statue.

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