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Vision :

 To lead the travel industry in Africa and the Middle East by providing an outstanding online booking service.


 To help people to travel and discover Egypt and support them with a wide range of professional online traveling services, in order to guarantee a perfect traveling experience for everyone.

About Us:

Around Egypt Tours is a young innovative travel company yet matured and experienced. Founded in 2005, Around Egypt Tours has made a considerable impact on the Egyptian tourism sector by promoting Egypt as one of the fascinating destinations in the world.

Due to the excellent services provided by Around Egypt Tours, it becomes an active member in:

  • The Egyptian Travel Agent Association “ETAA”
  • The American Society of Travel Agents “ASTA”
  • The International Association of Travel and Tourism “IATT”
  • The International Organization for E – Tourism “ IOET”


We aim to provide our clients with the best traveling experience to enjoy discovering every area in Egypt. Therefore, throughout our ten years of experience, we have proved our professionalism by organizing flawless trips that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

We are offering a diversity of online tourism services that save almost 25% of the traveling cost. Our services include:

  1. Culture Tourism: Full covering of all historical monuments.
  2. Recreation Tourism: Traveling along the Mediterranean and Red Sea.
  3. Curative Tourism: Therapeutics of mineral, springs, spas, and white-hot sands.
  4. Religious Tourism: Exploring the route of the Holy Family to Egypt, Coptic, Islamic relics.
  5. Sports Tourism: Surfing, diving, snorkeling, playing golf, and yacht tripping.
  6. Safari Tourism: Discovering the mysteries of East and West deserts and oases through camping.
  7. Quick Trips and shore Excursions: Including one-day trips and camps.
  8. Nile Cruises: Fantastic and Upholding Nile Cruises
  9. Entertainment Programs: Living the nightlife in Cairo
  10. Events: Arranging festival, conference, and exhibition.


Around Egypt Tours offers you the best services worth your money. It is the most professional and organized traveling operator that you can rely on and trust.


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