Egypt Tourist

Around Egypt Tours offers a complete guide for the Egypt tourist to Egypt's history and culture and all of the sites you'll see when you plan to visit Egypt. All you've got to learn about the things to do in Egypt and the most famous attractions, cities, and historical places to explore Egypt's history from ancient times to the present.

Egypt Travel Advisory

If you are looking for some great travel tips to help make your Egypt tours as smooth as possible? Our Egypt travel advisors are here to assist you with various Egypt Travel advisory and trip details. All you've got to learn about Egypt vacation tips will tell you about the Egyptian culture and traditions. Check our Egypt travel advice list that you need to know befor arrival in Egypt, including food and drink of Egypt, Egyptian cuisine, Egypt weather and climate, safety in Egypt for tourists, and Egypt visa requirements Egypt to help you plan your Egypt Travel packages!

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Cairo Attractions

Cairo is one of the world's great megacities, beautiful as it is also crazy and rich in historic finery. Cairo tends to be a city that travelers love. You will find a history that spans centuries. Full of vigor, Cairo is where you get a feel for Egyptian street life. No trip to Egypt is complete without a stay in the city Arabs call Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World). Learn more about the best Cairo attractions to visit and exciting things to do in this buzzing metropolis with our Cairo Historical Sites list.

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Luxor Tourist Attractions

Discover the best of Luxor tourist attractions, and Live the magic in the city of the sun Luxor, which is known in ancient times as Thebes and also the city of hundred doors. Many things to do in Luxor as it contains the most beautiful monuments, artifacts, temples such as Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Luxor temple, and many more other impressive Luxor tourist attractions. So, Don’t miss the chance to figure these magnificent sights.

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Aswan Attractions

Discover the best attractions in Aswan, which is located in the south of Egypt. It is the smallest of Egypt touristic cities, but it also has the unique mark of the Nubian culture that is still a strong influence in southern Egypt. For those who are interested in pharaonic history,  couldn't miss things to do in Aswan, such as the impressive Philae Temple on an island behind the old Aswan Dam, and also the famous Abu Simbel Temples and more. Know more about this majestic city on the Nile Banks.

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Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian civilization, famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and monuments, grew for centuries. But what was its lasting influence? Find out how Ancient Egypt committed to society with its many cultural constructions, particularly in language and arithmetic.

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