Things You Don't Know About Ancient Egypt Gods

Ancient Egypt Gods

Ancient Egypt Gods


Ancient Egypt experienced lots of Egyptian deities that ancient Egyptians considered as gods and goddesses. Until their number reached more than 1500, according to many historical sources, and the most famous ancient Egypt gods back then were Amon, Horus, and Osiris, and they kept being worshiped until the advent of Christ, after then Egypt was turned to Christianity.




It is the lord of all ancient Egypt gods and their leader. Ancient Egyptians consider it to be the creator of the world and its name meaning is "the invisible". Its head is the head of a ram and appears as a bearded man wearing a hat with two long feathers, sometimes sitting on the throne, sometimes taking the form of a god, and sometimes the shape of a ram with curved horns.

Worshiping Amon first appeared in the territory of Thebes, and is considered to be one of the members of the Ashmunin Thamun, then it became the official idol of the modern empire, it was called the “King of the Gods” and merged with other great gods, becoming “Amun-Ra”, “Amon-Min”, and “Amon-Khnum”.



It is considered to be the god of fertility, agriculture, god the dead, the underworld and the flood, and Abydos was the center of worshiping Osiris and it was depicted in the shape of a beard, colored either in green or black, wearing the crown of Upper Egypt, and embalmed like a mummy.

It is the most known god and it owes his fame to being worshiped for nearly two thousand years and based on that fame, his temples were erected along the shores of the sea and it continued until the advent of Christianity.



The literal meaning of the word Isis is "the seat or throne". It was depicted as a woman breastfeeding her child, the mother goddess of Horus. When it wears the celestial disc and cow horns, it becomes the goddess "Hathor", it was also depicted in the form of a woman with the throne chair on her head, so it was called the goddess of the royal throne.

Sister and wife of the god "Osiris", and the mother of the god "Horus", who protected him from many dangers. it played an important role as a charming goddess, always representing a woman bearing the sign of the "throne" on her head, and sometimes wearing a crown consisting of two horns and the sun disk between them, and took different forms of ancient Egypt gods. Worship spread in Europe since the Greco-Roman period.



The god Hor or Horus, the son of the god Osiris and the goddess Aizah or Isis, the wife of the god Osiris, was depicted in the form of a falcon or a human with a falcon head. The Egyptian people believed that the eyes of Horus were the sun (right) and the moon (left).

An ancient deity of the sky, and since the beginning of historical times, Horus has been a symbol of the king, living or dead.



Apis was the most important deity among the sacred calves in the land of the Nile, and he was a god of fertility, and the center of his worship was in the city of Memphis since the early dynastic era, and became associated with Ptah, the god of that city, then became the great spirit "Ptah" that appeared on earth in the form of a calf and with the death of Apis turned into The god Osiris and was called Osiris - Apis.

The calf "Apis" had distinctive marks on its skin and was represented by placing the sun disk between its horns.



The local deity of the city of Memphis currently in Cairo was always represented in a human form and wrapped like a mummy with a shaven head, and at first he was nothing but a master of craftsmen and industry, and then attributed to him the creation of arts, and held in his hands symbols of rule, strength and life, which is a scepter made of a grandfather column and a scepter.



The goddess of the sky and the patroness of women, love and music, the daughter of Ra and the wife of Horus, and sometimes called the mother of Horus, where the name of this goddess means the dwelling of Horus, and her sacred animal is the cow and her sacred symbol is the musical instrument sistrum.

Hathor is considered the protector of women and the goddess of fun, love, music, dance and songs, and she feeds the living with her milk, so we see the pharaoh suckling from the breast of the cow.

Its name means "House of Horus", and it is the "Ain of Ra" that destroyed his enemies, in addition to that she was worshiped as the goddess of the dead in Thebes in particular. She is often represented in the form of a woman carrying a crown consisting of two horns between the sun disk or a cow, and sometimes we see her as a lioness, a snake or a tree. , but he was saved from it, and he had a special worship in popular circles in the late era.



The god Ra is the sun and the giver of life, and his center of worship was Heliopolis. it became the god of heaven and the father of Pharaoh and united with many ancient Egypt gods such as (Amun - Khnum - Mentu - Sobek) and called (Amun - Ra, Hanum - Ra, Mento - Ra, Sobek - Ra).



Or “Enhart” and its name means “the one who brings the distant”. The Egyptians portrayed him in the form of a man with a crown of 4 feathers on his head. The city of Thana was his original home, and it was merged with the god “Shu” under the name “Anuris-Shu” and then took great fame.



Its name means perfect or complete. The Egyptians believed that he created himself from himself at the top of the eternal hill, and therefore he is the creator of the world. He was created from himself and by himself “Shou and Tefnut”, and on this basis he is at the top of the list of the Heliopolis ninth, he merged with the god “Ra” and was known as "Atom Ra".



The “sun disk”, which was not worshiped before the modern state, rose during the reign of King “Akhenaten” to be the only god.

Like “Aten” at first the head of a falcon, then as a sun disk with rays ending in a human hand that often holds the sign of life.

Among his nicknames, the heat emanating from the sun’s disk, the Lord of the two horizons, who shines in his horizon in his name, as the father of “Ra” who returned to us as “Aten”.



The engineer of King “Djoser” for whom he built his architectural group, as he was the first to use stone in a complete building, and his genius extended to medicine as well. In the 26th dynasty, the Egyptians began to worship him and named him Ibn “Ptah”, and after that the Greeks alone with “Asclepius” their god of medicine.

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