Is It Safe To Travel To Egypt?

Is it safe to travel to Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country in Northern Africa that extends into Asia, as it has the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt is home to pyramids, the mighty Nile, the most beautiful beaches, and the most precious temples and tombs. which are very popular with tourists?

The country is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and Tourism is one of Its important income resources so you can be sure that while you are there you will meet helpful, welcoming locals who are skilled at helping tourists.

Egypt's reputation as a travel location has taken some hits with travelers and travel professionals in recent years, leading some people to ask: Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

So Is Egypt Actually A Safe Country?

Egypt is a completely safe place to visit if you keep your wits about yourself and adhere to local cultural customs. Crime rates in Egypt are very low but beware of scammers and pickpockets, which can be common in every country.

However, assessing the probability of danger when visiting tourist attractions is advisable. avoid getting caught in large crowds without a local guide or consider a small-group tour.

Here are some tips to make your Egypt vacation safe and memorable:

1- Go With Someone Who Knows Egypt

You only get to visit Egypt probably once in your life – you owe it to yourself to see it with someone who understands it, speaks English well enough to explain it to you, and loves it as much as you do.

2- Make Scheduled Visits To The Main Attractions

One of the reasons Ghattas recommends visiting Egypt with a reputable tour operator is that entry to top attractions like the pyramids, Luxor and Abu Simbel can be done before you reach your destination.

Sometimes it can be confusing to understand if a standard entrance to the pyramids also includes an entrance to the steps inside the pyramids (note: this is not the case).

By purchasing in advance or joining a tour, you know what you'll see before you arrive at your destination. Check our Egypt Vacation packages and get a well-planned and unforgettable trip.


In general, Egypt is full of many wonderful monuments and places just waiting to be explored. You just have to invest some time to get a chance to see more of what it has to offer.

Egypt isn't just for the Egyptians. It is for humanity. If you also follow these simple tips, your trip to Egypt will be the trip of a lifetime.


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