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how much Egypt visa

Planning a trip to visit Egypt to see the awe-inspiring Great Pyramids? Anyone traveling to Egypt will first have to take these easy steps to get an Egypt tourist visa. You can enjoy the sights of Egypt only after obtaining a visa to Egypt.

Here are the simple steps you take to get closer to your amazing vacation:

1- Completing the application
The only part of the application that can possibly confuse someone is the question asking which port you will be arriving in. If you actually do know the name of a specific port then you can list it. On the other hand, you can simply put the name of the city you are visiting first if you are unsure of the port name. Even though the Egyptian visa application is two pages long, it is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. You will need to provide the dates of travel and personal information such as :
•  Your name
•  Date of birth
•  Place of birth
•  The address you will be staying at.

If you do not have any relatives in Egypt then simply leave that question field blank. Also make sure to list who all will be accompanying you on your vacation to Egypt.

2- Supporting documents

Take a look at your passport to see how long before it expires. It should be valid for another six months from the time you are traveling. If it's a new passport make sure to put your signature on the inside page. There needs to be at least two blank pages as well so the visa can be stamped in. Two recent passport-style photos also need to be included. If you don't have any recent photos, you can pay a small amount to get them taken at places like FedEx Office, Walgreens, and the post office.

US residents that are not citizens will have to make a clear copy of a valid green card or US visa. Non-US citizens are also required to show proof of financial stability and also submit a letter from an employer. The letter should state your work status and it needs to have an original signature from the employer.

3- Applying at the consulate of Egypt

You can go in person during morning hours Monday through Friday to turn in your application package. Usually for pick up, you can only get your travel document during the afternoon. Be sure to call to check first since the hours and rules can change without notice. Also make sure you do not go during an Egyptian holiday or religious holiday as they will be closed on those days. There is also the option of shipping your application package to an Egypt visa expedite service. They will apply on your behalf and pick up the visa for you. After picking up your travel document, they would ship it back to you via FedEx or UPS.

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