Cairo is one of the most important cities in Egypt. It is the capital of Egypt and is inhabited by more than 20 million people. The city of Cairo is famous for many historical names that were given to it. One of the most important names that was given to Cairo is the city of a thousand minarets, due to the large number of mosques that were built throughout Cairo, and the most important of these mosques Is the mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas. It was founded by Al-Muezz Lidin Allah Al-Fatemi to be his capital, and it was called Cairo of Al-Muezz.


More information about Cairo, Egypt

Cairo today is one of the largest and most populous Arab cities and is the administrative city in Egypt. Cairo has become an important tourist destination when visiting Egypt because it contains many tourist places, ancient archaeological monuments and important cultural landmarks that express different cultures all over the world.

The city of Cairo is famous for its popular atmosphere mixed with the fragrance of history and the smell of heritage spread in all its alleys and streets and its nightlife filled with a lot of fun and entertainment in cafes that attract visitors to watch the Nile River in the evening.


Weather in Cairo

The weather in Cairo is characterized by moderation most days of the year, which makes visitors turn to Cairo. The temperature in Cairo ranges between 22 and 34 degrees Celsius, which makes the weather suitable for various recreational activities.

It can be considered that there are two seasons during the year, a hot summer from May to October, and a mild winter from November to April. The climate of Cairo Governorate is also characterized by being very dry, and rain falls in low intensity during the winter, and humidity levels rise during the summer, which makes Cairo’s weather receptive and beautiful.

The winter and spring seasons, i.e., from September to March, are the best time to visit Cairo as the temperature in Cairo is at its lowest and the tourist can enjoy a lot of outdoor recreational activities.


Cairo International Airport

The official airport in Egypt is Cairo International Airport, which is one of the most important and largest airports in Africa, and it is possible to travel through Cairo Governorate Airport to other Egyptian cities such as Sharm El Sheikh, Aswan, and other Egyptian cities.


Attraction places in Cairo

Cairo contains many distinct and unique tourist places mixed with historical and modernity that attract tourism in Cairo, such as the Cairo Tower, the International Garden, Al-Azhar Mosque, and other tourist places in Cairo.


The best hotels in Cairo

There are many 5-star Cairo hotels and 4-star Cairo distinguished hotels that provide various high-end and luxurious hotel services and many Cairo hotel apartments.

One of the best hotels in Cairo is the Conrad Cairo Hotel, a 5-star Cairo hotel, which is characterized by its luxury and its strategic location in the heart of Cairo and its charming and picturesque view of the Nile River, and the Grand Hyatt Hotel on the Nile, one of Cairo's distinguished hotels, with its charming and picturesque view of the Nile.

One of Cairo's distinct 5-star hotels is the Safir Hotel Cairo, and one of the best hotels in Cairo that attracts visitors is the Sheraton Cairo Hotel, and do not miss your stay at the Fairmont Cairo Hotel, which is located next to the Nile River and features a charming view of the Nile River and the Egyptian pyramids.

As for the 4-star hotels in Cairo, dear visitor, you will find the Nabila Cairo Hotel, the Pyramisa Cairo Hotel and other Cairo hotels that provide various services to all visitors residing in Cairo.

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