Philae Temple

This beautiful Philae temple complex is one of the foremost things to do in Aswan with it's picturesque in all of Egypt. It sits on Aglika Island just south of the old High Dam, and you need to ride a motorboat to reach the island. This temple was moved to its current location following the development of the High Dam, which threatened to submerge it permanently.

The exact reconstruction at this site carefully completed, painstakingly preserving the original appearance and layout of the complex and even landscaping the island to match its former location.

Philae grew to prominence during the Ptolemaic Dynasty, because of the center of the cult of the goddess Isis. This complex was one of all the last remaining places, where the traditional religion survived after the arrival of Christianity in Egypt, officially closed only in 550 AD as the Early Christians used most of the temple on the island as a church.

This is the reason for the defacement of a number of the figures of the traditional Gods, as these Christians tried to get rid of the pagan imagery from their newly claimed sanctuaries.
The Temple of Isis is the main feature here, but there are several other smaller temples on the island that are worth admiring.

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